Nocturnal melancholia

My penchant for the embodied pathways to self-healing & wisdom through the direct-intuitive experience of the mysteries and the majestic of the Wild is where my soul path is. As a devoted seeker, I am on my Way to fathoming innate liberty that is inherently untethered and potent, like dandelion seeds, bloom wilder into the limitless sense of wonder, to the miraculous vibration of serenity and enlightenment again...

Vulnerability Natalie Portman Harvard Commencement Speech | 2015 Best lesson learned today—what it meant by feeling utter comfortable in our own skin. Natalie is leading by example and bringing purpose to her greatest strength. What useful I've found is her graceful courage to tap into her own obliviousness and be free from it. Come as … Continue reading Vulnerability


picture taken at home in Amherst, MA The art of leadership is always rooted in community. It embodies by walking (and serving) in unison with the less privileged, discouraged, and marginalized individuals. It is necessary to hold the most vulnerable people accountable, uplift or even allow themselves to transcend their own self-worth and perceived barriers. … Continue reading Leadership