I carry the crisp, first breath of the spring breeze I kiss the fertile ground let loose, bloom wilder I take cosmic wings of the soul I savor the mist of the afterglow I tattoo the atlas of the double rainbow I am re-united with the inner Sirius the guiding spirit of rose dew i give birth to a touch of the singing bowl that rings the infinite indigo with grace, hope, and radiance.

Nocturnal melancholia

My penchant for the embodied pathways to self-healing & wisdom through the direct-intuitive experience of the mysteries and the majestic of the Wild is where my soul path is. As a devoted seeker, I am on my Way to fathoming innate liberty that is inherently untethered and potent, like dandelion seeds, bloom wilder into the limitless sense of wonder, to the miraculous vibration of serenity and enlightenment again...

What’s up Beijing

Initially called the Marable Boat, it was built in 1755 during Emperor Qianlong's reign. The 36-meter-long boat was carved out of huge rocks. There was a Chinese-style cabin on the boat, which was destroyed by Anglo-French Allied Forces in 1860. When it was rebuilt in 1893, the cabin was built in the western style and … Continue reading What’s up Beijing

Restless Soul. Dislocated Heart. Unmendable love.

I decided to congregate, if not all, what I had been traversing at the cellular level of human (soul) experiences into one, compounded, and just a bit stretched title. A chunk of restlessness, prolonged tunneling of displacement, and some cascade of undescribable nuances occupied the heart of my heart as if unfettered inner flames that never burnt off...

Land of Poetry

Poetry of Presence: An Anthology of Mindfulness PoemsThe Sun by Mary OliverPriceless Gifts by Anna SwirCharacteristics of Life by Camille T. DungyUnconditional by Jennifer WelwoodStart Close in by David WhyteWhen Death Comes by Mary OliverThe Well of Grief by David WhyteMending Wall by Robert FrostOrkney/This Life by Andrew GreigForget About Enlightenment by John WelwoodGo In … Continue reading Land of Poetry

Mindfulness Bookshelf 02

The Journey Toward Wholeness: Enneagram Wisdom for Stress, Balance, and TransformationMindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond: A Meditator's HandbookA Happier You: A Seven-Week Program to Transform Negative Thinking into Positivity and ResilienceBecoming AwareWintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult TimesMind Over Mood: Change How You Feel By Changing the Way You ThinkMeditation for Fidgety Skeptics: … Continue reading Mindfulness Bookshelf 02


Go in and in.Be the spacebetween two cells,the vast, resoundingsilence in whichspirit dwells.Be sugar dissolvingon the tongue of life.Dive in and in,as deep as you can dive.Be infinite, ecstatic truth.Be love conceived and born in union.Be exactly what you seek,the Beloved, singing Yes,tasting Yes, embracing Yes,until there is only essence;the All of Everythingexpressing through youas … Continue reading Stillness


"What is the never-ending horizon of hope?" God reveals to me by whispering in the ear, "...know that you can, and rest assure you have everything you need to take chances, make your own rules, and the power of living like there's no tomorrow." Mindfulness is no ordinary sitting exercise: It is the highest known … Continue reading Horizon